Mark Pontius is a member of the indie pop band Foster the People, who plays the drums and other percussion instruments.

Early LifeEdit

Mark Pontius was born on January third, 1985 in Orlando. Mark Has one sibling named Rebecca. When he was young, Mark did his first live show with a band that had people that were triple his age. Mark said on Instagram: The most important show I've ever played. My very first time in front of a live audience. And with a band of guys triple my age. The feeling I got when I stepped on to that stage is something I have been chasing ever since and will continue to the rest of my life. The guy who asked me to sit in also gave me my first drum kit. Never underestimate the influence you can have on someone while they are young  - Mark Pontius, Instagram.


Before he was in Foster the People, Mark was in a band called Malbec, he performed with Pablo Signori, Samantha Barbera, Nick Ruth and Sidney Miller but he soon parted ways with them in 2009 to join Mark Foster in creating Foster the People. But before he joined up with Mark, he wanted to move to Australia. Foster asked Pontius to give it half a year and if it doesn't work out, he is free to go and live his life. But the band worked out and to this day,  Mark and Mark are still working together!


He has a sister named Rebecca. He grew up in Orlando and was in a band called Malbec, until he decided to give it up for Foster The People. He was about to leave United States and move to Australia before joining the band.  He loves candy and is a huge fan of Dunkin' Doughnuts. His nickname is Ponci. He is vegan and made his twitter at one point a platform for a charity. He released his own EP. His first crush was Britney Spears. His favourite song form Torches is Life on the Nickle


Mark on Extreme Dodgeball


Mark playing for a live audience for the 1st time


Marks cartoon self

Foster The People - Life On The Nickel

Foster The People - Life On The Nickel

Marks Favorite song, Life on the Nickel