Torches costs £6.99 on iTunes. 

Torches OverviewEdit

Torches is the debut studio album by American indie pop band Foster the People. It was released on May 23, 2011, on Columbia Records andStartime International in the United States. it has been resived well by critics and was rated #1 in Australia


No. Title Producer Length
1. "Helena Beat"   Greg Kurstin, Mark Foster 4:36
2. "Pumped Up Kicks"   Foster 4:00
3. "Call It What You Want"   Paul Epworth, Foster 4:01
4. "Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)"   Rich Costey, Foster 2:56
5. "Waste"   Kurstin, Foster 3:25
6. "I Would Do Anything for You"   Epworth, Foster, Tony Hoffer 3:35
7. "Houdini"   Costey, Foster 3:23
8. "Life on the Nickel" (Epworth, Foster) Epworth, Foster 3:36
9. "Miss You" (Zach Heiligman, Foster) Kurstin, Foster 3:39
10. "Warrant"   Kurstin, Foster 5:23
Total length: 38:24

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